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Bottom-up Innovation gives you the ammunition you need to know to start innovating, even when working in a non-innovative company. It is geared for an employee who is not an executive and does not exert significant influence over the direction of the Company. Bottom-up Innovation will show you the four steps of innovation: Identify, Ideate, Filter, and Finish. These steps are laid out in an easy-to-follow and actionable way and will help you innovate a new product, process, or service or improve upon something that already exists.

Top-Down Innovation not only guides you down the innovation highway, it is your GPS loaded with the latest maps and details. If you truly want to create a lasting innovation environment in your company, we will show you how to do it. Top-Down Innovation will first help you determine whether you can benefit from innovation and if you are really ready to commit to innovation. Then it will give you all the details necessary to put into place the four pillars necessary to make innovation part of the company’s core. These four pillars are: Innovation Roadmap, Structure, Culture and Ideas. Top-Down Innovation includes Action Summaries for each chapter that lists the steps you need to take to create an innovation powerhouse!